NaviNet Medicare Eligibility Benefits:

  • Check if your patient has other primary coverage such as Managed Care and Medicare Advantage plans
  • Access accurate eligibility, detailed benefits information and patient payment obligation such as remaining deductible amounts and required copays
  • Save valuable time by avoiding frustrating phone calls or having to log in to multiple websites
  • Obtaining detailed eligibility and benefits information in an easy-to-read format for a variety of specialties including, but not limited to: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Skilled Nursing Facility, Hospital, Home Health, and Hospice
  • Help control potential reimbursement and cash flow concerns to reduce loss of revenue
  • Activation within 24-48 hours with a valid NPI number
  • Organizational access for an unlimited number of users.

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"Using NaviNet Medicare Eligibility to connect to CMS has reduced the amount of time it takes to verify our patients' Medicare coverage by 50% Through NaviNet, I can quickly confirm a patient's eligibility and benefits for Medicare Parts A and B, eliminating the need to call CMS."

-Melissa Gaut, Insurance Clerk
Seton Medical Management, Inc.